Preview of the Slot Game Blazing Bull 2

Images of hawks, eagles, wolves, owls, and knowledgeable Native Americans often pop into people’s heads when they hear the words “spirit guide.” Not everyone’s initial mental image is of a red giant bull surrounded by flames. After Kalamba Games introduced the first Blazing Bull slot around a year ago, players interested in the mystical side of life were compelled to modify their viewpoints.

Not only did Blazing Bull have a blazing bull, but it also featured a wide variety of spirit guides that served as additional symbols on the reels. Even while it had some fun extra features, it was ultimately doomed by a lack of meaty potential. The mathematicians at Kalamba have been hard at work fixing this problem and making other changes to the free spins round, such as adding symbol multipliers and a new modifier that functions similarly to Nolimit City’s xWays feature.

The same 6-reel, 4-row grid with 4,096-ways gameplay is used as previously. The grid is still outside, but now it’s in a quiet wood with swooping hawks and rustling leaves. The reels are protected by wooden totem poles depicting the game’s animals; these poles are decorated with hanging feathers to add a touch of Native American mystique. There is a similar atmosphere as before, except it is less primal, as if everyone had smoked too much peace pipe and was in a mellow mood.

Blazing Bull 2 maintains a good set of stats, much like the first. First, there is return to player (RTP), which may be anywhere from 96.26% in the base game to 97.21% with the purchase of HyperBonus. Blazing Bull 2 retains its previous level of volatility (10 out of 10), making it a dangerous foe when it chooses to be such. This time around, it has the potential to be much greater. With minimum bets of 50 p/c and maximums of £/€50, Blazing Bull 2 continues to be inhospitable to low rollers.

With the ways pays system, players are rewarded for matching symbols on adjacent reels starting on the left. There must be at least two people for higher compensation, and at least three for lower pay. The bull figure represents the lows, while owls, wolves, horses, and deer make up the premiums. Six high-paying combos result in rewards of 3x to 5x the wager. Wilds might appear to take the place of any other pay symbol in a winning combination. They could be given matching multipliers in the bonus rounds.

Features of Blazing Bull 2 Slot Machine

Blazing Bull 2 contains a variety of both returning and brand-new elements. The twin collecting meters above the reels are the only remaining component. Partially filling these meters with every base game spin grants one additional free spin, up to a maximum of 20. Simply said, the more spins you play in the standard game, the more free spins you’ll earn:

After 15 basic game spins, you’ll get an extra free spin in the Wild Multiplier bonus round.

After 30 base game spins, you’ll get an extra free spin in the K-Split bonus.

The number is incremented by one when free spins are provided, and it returns to its starting value of seven after the bonus round concludes. When at least three blue or three orange scatter symbols appear on screen at the same moment, free spins are triggered.

K-Split’s blue scatters trigger bonus turns. Each time this bonus reel spins, one symbol will be transformed into a K-Split symbol at random. These particular signs all break apart, now counting as either two or three of the same kind.

Multiplier Wild free games are triggered by orange scatters. In this bonus round, wilds might show up as multipliers of 2, 3, 5, or 8. If they land in a column, they are counted as 2, 3, 5, or 8 ways to win, but they do not increase the value of the victory by itself.

When 21 or more scatter symbols appear, both bonus games are prolonged. Players receive 2, 3, 4, 5, or 15 more spins, respectively, for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters appearing on the screen.

HyperBonus, where extra purchase features are allowed, is the last option. We can choose one of four approaches. In-game items include:

Get 23.8 or 34 times your wager on 7 or 10 free spins with Multiplier Wild.

You may get 10 free spins on K-Split or 15 spins at 76.4% return on your bet.

Slot Win in Blazing Bull 2

Players interested in crystals or spirit guides will be pulled to Blazing Bull 2 like moths to a flame, just as they were to the first game. Blazing Bull 2 is now accessible to high-stakes gamblers thanks to its greatly improved odds. Despite the extensive redesign, Blazing Bull 2 doesn’t always feel like a top-tier slot machine, which is perplexing. Perhaps the game so well portrays living in a magical woodland that the importance of things like money becomes less pressing. The mountains, forests, and rivers will stay there long after we’re gone, despite the old adage that you can’t take it with you.

Let’s get back to business at hand. In terms of raw numbers, there’s nothing wrong with Blazing Bull 2. The return to player percentage is consistently high, and those who enjoy high-octane games will not be disappointed. Even while the original featured all of those things, its moderate maximum win wasn’t very exciting. Kalamba has clearly learned from his mistakes and is ready to fight back in Blazing Bull 2. This time around, the studio is promising maximum prizes of up to 50,000 times the investment. We can’t make fun of this section of the game anymore; this is a new record for Kalamba. The question is whether or whether it can back up its arrogant assertion.

It’s a bit simpler to find fault with other parts. To begin with, Blazing Bull 2 fails to elicit the same kind of primal, visceral response as its predecessor. The backdrop artwork isn’t as majestic as previously, there aren’t as many subtle sound effects, and the regal insignia are generic. Although the potential for payouts has been greatly increased, the overall atmosphere of the game has changed for the better.

You can’t argue with the results, and certain gamers may appreciate a softer take on the spirit guide idea. Both free spin games can definitely deliver, and the 50,000 dollars is a nice bonus, but Blazing Bull 2 isn’t quite as exciting as the first.

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